Dennis Korn is a German composer and pianist. He started publishing piano music at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic. Meanwhile more than 180 songs have been published. Sentimental, melancholic songs to energetic, flowing songs. Meanwhile, according to the Spotify for Artist app, his music is on over 100,000 playlists worldwide and reached more than 30 Million Streams on Spotify. His influences include Nils Frahm , Ólafur Arnalds , Ludovico Einaudi and Yan Tierssen .

The newest Album "Roses and Books" with 16 Tracks fitting to the "Dark Academia" Style and is a classical influenced Album. It was released by Label "Aemeralds"

He started also a project with great Belgium pianist Tom Kristiaan. The first single "Tumbling Leaves" was released. The whole EP is called "DUO" and coming soon with 4 Tracks.

He has also released songs with other artists like Astrid Sky, Mara Kochendörfer, Yan Springett , Alena Nadkina and his daughters Mia Korn and Amelie Korn

He also has a side project called „Hertzsprung“ where he releases ambient, healing, meditative Music